“Living Juicy”

“Living Juicy”

photo_2I’m excited to tell you about Rhea Goodman who is “living juicy” and has much to share about how to do this. In her words:

“Part of Living Juicy is aging well, and part of aging well is embracing aging, without being conned by the numbers, or the stories in our heads about what aging looks like. I believe that age is a mind-trip, a numbers game. In fact, we can create a new model for aging! I do this by listening to the wisdom of my body, noticing what I eat, enjoying myself while I walk, run, play,stretch, make love, do yoga, dance, swim, learn new skills. I pay attention and embrace what I love to do, and then DO IT! I go for whatever rings my bell that is oriented toward life.”

Rhea certainly walks her talk, calling herself a cultural creative who has always been interested in alternative modalities such as healing, dance, cultural anthropology, the environment and many more. She has a weekly radio show  called Living Juicy from Santa Fe on KSFR, 101.1 FM on Thursday nights at 6:30 mountain time. Her show is Webstreamed live on www.ksfr.org

Be sure to check out her website which has tips on how to live juicy, archives of  over 300 of her radio shows and other bits of interesting information: www.livingjuicy.org

Rhea exemplifies “the beauty of aging”. I’m excited to add her to the ever growing list of amazing older women who are living their lives fully engaged, providing positive role models for all women.