Let’s create a community of excitement about aging. Let’s share our stories about amazing older people who are actively engaged in their lives and whose stories can inspire and educate others about the possibility of aging well.

The women in The Beauty of Aging Documentary Project are some examples of extraordinary older women. Many people have written that they feel more hopeful about getting older after seeing film clips of these women. Since we are no longer filming for that project, the blog creates a space for you to share about someone you know who models for you living beautifully with spirit and grace in their later years. Stories about the women in the films will co-mingle with the stories that are submitted.

Click here to submit your story or for more information about honoring someone you know who has aged with grace.

Let’s spread the word and help more people feel good about their lives in their older years. As Hedda Bolgar said in her late 90’s, “the best time is now”.