Yes it’ true: You’re not getting older, You’re getting better.

Screen shot eliptical headshotI have been friends with my dear friend, Diana Deene, for about 35-years. We met at a meeting of the Thursday Night Group, an anti-nuclear war group and found that we not only had social consciousness issues in common, but we were both psychotherapists, we lived a few blocks from each other in Sherman Oaks and we are both devoted and loving mothers to our daughters. These commonalities along with liking each other cemented the friendship.

As close friends, we have shared many feelings, concerns and joys over the years. In the last 8 years, Diana became involved with a company called Xoçai, a network marketing business that has many healthy chocolate products. I have observed her taking on this new challenge with awe and respect. It took her awhile to learn the best ways to market and to feel comfortable with putting herself out there to develop a team and learn the business. Rather than give
up and saying this is too hard, she persevered, coming up against some fears and lack of confidence. Here’s how she dealt with that. She went to company seminars, she met with a coach, she set the intention to learn and grow in this business. And she has.

Did I mention that Diana was 67 when she started this? Gratefully, the media and social mores have begun to shift to embrace the fact that life is not over in the older years, that in fact, Diana represents a growing trend of older people starting new ventures and expanding in many different ways.
I asked Diana about the factors that have motivated her to pursue with gusto her work with Xoçai:

Belief in the product
Letting go of old beliefs that were keeping her stuck
Enjoyment of the community and support in the company
Liking the challenge of learning a new business, noting that as a younger
person she might have been defeated by it
An awareness of the fragility of life since the death of one of her grandsons
3 years ago
The tanking of the economy as motivation to increase revenue

What appears to me to be the bottom line at this point in her life and what Diana stated is, “I’m less concerned about the negative results and more interested in conquering fears and making shifts.”
What I know for sure is that Diana is getting better and better.
To learn more about Xoçai:

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