Reminders from Hedda, Lavada and Shirley about “The Beauty of Aging”

As we are almost at the end of the year 2015, I want to take the opportunity to wish everyone a happy, peaceful, loving and joyous holiday season and New Year. It seemed a perfect time as well to post reminders from a few of the women in the film project about “the beauty of aging.” You can also enjoy the films on the website, all free for your viewing, under: Trailers, The Women, Hedda & Greedy for Life,  May you feel inspired about getting older as you remember these women.

Peace and love,



 As shared by the stars of the films, Hedda, Lavada & Shirley 

HEDDA BOLGAR (103) Documentary short called “Hedda” on the website

Stay connected to people of all ages. Live in the present. Be involved in things that are meaningful. Give back to people and causes. Enjoy the freedom of old age.

“I have a strong feeling of connection with everything that’s alive…”

“Somebody once asked me what time of life I liked best…I said now” (in her late 90’s)

“I don’t know why people are so afraid of getting old…there are tremendous gains…the ease and the security of feeling essentially being able to cope…” 

LAVADA CAMPBELL (Died at age 88) Co-Star of “Greedy for Life”

Live life fully. Spirituality is important. Sexuality continues into the older years. Dance and be active. Service to others is essential.

“I didn’t live in a little box, I lived my life fully..I still got things I want to do.”(At 82)

“You’re never too old to have sex”

“Let go and do a lot of fun things…you know, enjoy life.” 

SHIRLEY WINDWARD (Died at age 93) Co-star of “Greedy for Life”

Creativity is important. Meaningful relationships and loving people matters. Having a sense of humor is helpful. A good attitude and adaptability are crucial.

“There’s creativity everywhere…it’s part of your existance…”

“And we have all these friends around us…the web…”

“Yes I’m greedy, but I’m greedy for experience and for wonderful things to happen…”

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